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Pendejo Joe

2010-01-13 00:52:43

(In 3-D!)

It's been a long time, we know, so we thought we'd reward your space monkey vigilance with a little treat. If you happen to own a pair of traditional red/blue 3-D glasses, put them on and you can experience today's comic in three dimesions!

(click to enlarge)

Take care, everyone!

Omar G

2010-01-13 08:58:43

The third 'D' is for 'Delayed'

I have not seen Avatar yet, either in IMAX 3-D or in its stripped down, bare-assed, 2-D equivalent.

My wife and I had a baby last month (yay!), which means we haven't had time to travel an hour to go see a 3-hour+ movie (booo!). I suppose we could sneak a breast pump into an IMAX theater, but at what cost, I ask you. At what cost?

Even though I haven't seen it, the moment I heard there was an element called "Unobtanium" that people are trying to obtain in this movie, I thought, "For fuck's sake, did a 12-year-old write this?"

I'm not sure a 12-year-old would be so on-the-nose about such things. Not in 2010. That is why we have James Cameron.

This is the first comic we've done in a long while (they were, apparently, Unobtanium'd) as we've been busy with "Trailers Without Pity," but we hope to do a few more at least before we're back on that video grind.

Omar G

2013-01-04 10:26:07

New site, new comics, new era!

We are moving the comic to a new website at Please update your bookmarks and visit us there. We just posted our first comic in nearly three years.

You can read about the changes in this blog post I put up at Terribly Happy.

We also have a new Facebook page for the comic here.

In a few weeks or months, we'll be shutting this version of the site down and having this URL redirect to the new one.

Thanks for reading!