Sunday, August 14, 2005



Thursday, August 04, 2005


For the longest time I always felt like I really didn't have much to say on here. Now, all of a sudden, I've got plenty to talk about. The obscure sentry gun guy returns just in time in today's comic to save us all from Laguna Beach. I'm sure I'm not the only one of the opinion that even any Laguna Beach at all is too much Laguna Beach.

Also, in the first panel, we finally decided to reveal the outside of the ship where so many of the events that have unfolded in the past year have taken place. Hope you like it. It's very...bananaous.

Site changes are moving steadily along. Don't be surprised if when you come back on Monday something around here has changed.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This Shit is Bananas

Wow...lots to cover today. Okay, first, there's a comic today! Second, I'll have you know that BuzzComix is back up. So if y'all would be so kind as to make with the daily voting with the button located just above this post, we would greatly appreciate it.

We've made some big steps towards phping the site. I don't really have any timetable for when this should all be finished, but hopefully it will happen before I start school again at the end of August. The big problem is that at the same time we're trying to make these changes, there are also some new things on the horizon.

I'm redoing the Story page to make it more extensive and user-friendly. It's going to branch off to pages for each individual character now to more accurately explain aspects of the stories we've told so far so it'll be easier for people to just jump into our comic. We'll also have all the extras like wallpapers and such on those pages for the appropriate characters. It's going to be nice. Trust me. Also we're going to streamline our collection of wallpapers on the Hot Stuff page so we can easily add more in the future.

So that's a number of pages we're going to be adding at the same time we're trying to switch over to php. But yeah. We're working on it.

As a result, we've sorta been unintentionally gravitating towards updating on Tuesdays and Thursdays the last few weeks. Right now we're just happy to get up two comics a week. I apologize personally for not being able to be more punctual or definitive about our posting of comics during this time, but I'm sure you understand. Still it would be realistic for you guys to expect the next comic on Thursday.

Friday, July 29, 2005

A heart that goes, 'Haaaaaay!'

Our gay-feline-hobo-robo storyline ends here for now with today's comic, which reveals that Moon, while very talented and handy with the technology, is not perfect.

PJ and I are still futzing with demonic tools of Web page creation, stuff we maybe should have learned like in 2000 -- databases, php and CSS. It's a bit like learning to program your VCR today. There are probably better ways of doing things, I'm sure, but we like being behind the curve, like a blown out tire chunk, or litter.

We've begun implementing a tool called "Comikaze" to streamline posting comics and posts. We're hoping that archives news posts will match up to their corresponding comics. One thing we haven't figured out yet is whether we can still do comments on this new system since we won't be posting with Blogger anymore. If anyone knows this stuff better than us and can tell us how to use comments on a php/css/database-driven Frankenmonster site, we sure would appreciate it.

Unless you think comments are useless anyway and that it's better we just turn them off. That's an option, too.

Anyway, we'll see y'all next week. Have a lovely end of July.

Monday, July 25, 2005


I told you we weren't finished with this robot business. What kind of business is revealed today in a brand-spankin' new, web-based comical strip.

Omar and I got into a debate on what the gay cat robot means by "anudda." I wonder whether it implies the bot has experimented before. Omar theorizes that it simply is self-referential like "I want to meet a gay cat robot not unlike myself." Which is totally not out of the ordinary at all. Alas...the world may never know.

New comic Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tethered Terror

Well shit. I thought I had posted the other day about the comic coming along slowly, but Blogger ate it. I figure you guys know by now that we're not going to stiff you guys on the updates (we do update) without a really good reason, and I'm sure our fans are the patient type, but still I'd like to let you know when you can expect our comic if it's not going to be up when it's supposed to be.

Nonetheless, there's a new comic today. Woohoo! You'll notice that we've decided to continue with what we started on the last comic with our robot kitty, and don't think we're done yet.

The Transformers theme is probably something resulting from subliminal and sub-atomic things tearing away at our minds after hearing about the live-action movie iteration of the 'bots being delayed till 07.

Omar and I are still working on site changes and stuff so I think you can expect the next comic on Monday. See you then.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Us!

On this day a year ago, we launched the Space Monkeys! website. Woo!

You may have noticed there was no comic yesterday, the three of you. There was a slight change of plans with what we were doing, but we've got it all straightened out now. However, I have to work in a few hours so I can't stay up to have the comic up today. Look for the next one to be up on Friday, with more to come next week on their regularly scheduled days.

Hey, we can take our anniversary off, right?

Also, you might've noticed we finally got rid of that cumbersome Archives page in favor of a simpler setup. That's just a prelude to what we hope to have in the works in the near future to make this place run smoother. Look for some new wallpapers (Murphy and Bart) coming down the pipe as well.

See you guys Friday.