News: February 2005

Monday, February 28, 2005

...and we're back!

Hey, folkens.

We return today with part one of a series about a beloved character (beloved by whom, you may ask? By me and PJ, that's who.) that hasn't been seen much around here, the Moon Weasel.

As is the case in most great literature (of which we are of course a part), those characters who have one obsessive vice, a fatal flaw, a... how you say... Achille's Angry Joint, tend to find themselves in a bad scrape at some point in their life. It's that single-minded obsession, you see. It doesn't do the body good.

PJ and I are indeed back from our one-week vacation, which wasn't so much the kind of vacation where tropical drinks and sunscreen are involved, but more the kind of vacation where you lose sleep and cry to yourself softly over cold sandwiches about the things you didn't give up doing that week. That's adult responsibility for yo ass.

In other news, PJ's birthday is coming up Saturday. It's a big one. Let's give him some advance love.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Don't hate us....we're on HIATUS!

It's been a while since I've been able to just sit down and wax comical with you guys in text form. As great as it feels to bring the comic to your eager optics, I like connecting through the written word to let you know what's what with the dude who draws the monkeys. Otherwise, for all you know, he might be a monkey himself who somehow got a hold of a WACOM tablet. That would be kinda cool now that I think of it.

So, yes, we're going on hiatus just for this week while Omar and I try to keep our lives from crumbling due to other engagements. Work and school really get in the way of our true calling in life - making 2D monkeys say and do things in outer space.

Naturally, we'll come back strong in seven days. That's seven days, not seven years like 2pac was suppposed to do.

Keep voting!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Doing the waive

The strip you see before you came out of a very funny situation that, had we done a comic using a straightforward presentation of the facts as they were, might have hurt someone's feelings.

But, screw it: the situation was that I was working at home in my office, and the husband of a woman visiting my wife came upstairs to hang out. And it was exactly that situation where when you're a little kid, visiting parents will send their child to go play with you in your room and you just kind of try to keep that kid out of your toys and there comes that inevitable moment when you realize that your parents totally screwed you over.

Except this situation was different because the guy was actually very nice and my toys are not the easily breakable kind -- but it still took me back to being seven years old and wondering if you should show the visiting kid your Star Wars Snow Speeder with the tow cable that always came off and got lost.

Anything But Mini-Me obviously has a rich history in the Space Monkeys! universe, from his initial introduction, to the anxiety he's caused for poor parent Meany, to his reign of terror within the educational system.

There should definitely be a sign, perhaps in bright letters that warns people away from the gaping child's maw.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Headless humans and tummy aches

Today's strip asks you to suspend what you think of beheadings for just a moment -- not that they are horrifying international news letting us know exactly where we stand on the world stage -- but rather that funny shit that used to happen in horror movies to teens that got too frisky at summer camp.

Let's take BACK beheadings, people. Beheadings used to be cool, not a big world news bummer. If we let the terrorists be the only people getting anything out of beheadings, we will have let them won. What are you? French? Don't let that shit happen!

So, anyways...

There's a reason the strip is being posted late at night on Monday instead of way early, and it's not even the computer issue anymore. True, the sputterings of PJ's computer were a factor -- he brought his rig (not named "Chester," but it's a nice thought) to my house. I connected my wife's mouse, monitor and keyboard to his chassis and we did a little diagnosing, playing with RAM sticks, going into the BIOS, all that funky shit. We even downloaded a memory test that only runs in the confines of a 3.5" boot disc! Yeah, we bad muthafuckas! But apart from deciding that PJ's RAM might be bad, we were no closer to fixing the glitch than when he brought his "PC" over.

Then he gets home, plugs shit in, and it works perfectly, like it was some sort of goddamned mocking lobster.

So, long story short, PJ's computer is now in working order.

Then he gets almost-appendicitis! He tells me that he has stomach pains that are moving around in his chest cavity. So it's either his appendix or some H.R. Giger beastie. Yet PJ struggles through like a young Emmitt Smith and finishes the comic. So bravo. I haven't checked on him, though. That beastie may have burst through his ribs by now.


Computer's fixed. However, my stomach is stabbing me. Expect the comic this afternoon if there's no death today.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Not gonna happen

PJ's computer has indeed surrendered in some way that my eager hands can't reach given our time and distance limitations. We plan to work on it this weekend -- he suspects it's his videocard and I just happen to have a spare lying around waiting for a go-round with monkey-based vectors. So, sadly, our Wednesday comic will now be next Monday -- sorry to keep all three of you waiting.

As a peace offering, here's a poem I just now wrote:

Woe to delay

Monkeys lie in wait,
While PJ's computer grates,
Blue screens we do hate,
Goddamit, again, we are late.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Irrefutable resistance

PJ, the one who draws this stuff, is still having massive computer meltdowns. Which is strange because as many computers as we have between us (I count about seven in our combined houses, not counting our work computers), you'd figure he'd be like, "Fukitol" and hop on another 'puter. But each of our computers is finely tuned to specific purposes. I have an entire laptop that is used for nothing but Web surfing and recaps for Television Without Pity.

I think each of us has one dedicated "Porn 'puter."

So with PJ's desktop out of commission, the many tasty PhotoShop filters and options he is used to employing with vigor are rendered "Surrender!" So while he fixes things up and tries to re-establish some goddamned order in his life, I find myself having the creative-brain version of what his computer's having, only it's not as easy to swap out a motherboard for my skull.

Which is all to say that tomorrow's strip will exist, but only in theoretical terms, as in, "If you were to take the Feb. 9 comic (which does not actually exist) and stick it on a train (which does), and it were to strike an opposing train (which doesn't exist), but carries a real Feb. 9 comic (which does exist), what would the psychic damage be?"

A Thursday strip is likely to be much more firmly rooted in our human reality.

Monday, February 07, 2005

A Game of Inches

My computer is on the fritz. So, when you look at today's comic, the word "miracle" should come to mind.

I had a hell of a time just getting it posted because my desktop seems to not want to work for more than ten minutes at a time.

Also, if the comic looks a little out of sorts today, it's because I had to do it on my laptop, which is a bit out of my comfort zone.

*Sigh* The Patriots won again. Thank goodness a threepeat is next to impossible in the modern era NFL.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Smoke 'em out of their holes

The introductory phase of Murphy and Bartholomew's reign of terror ends with today's comic, which posits them in fine form for future mischief and complications.

I think Murphy is part centipede or something, giving him both flexibility about the neck and back and multiplying his level of arch by, say, 100x.

In other news, it's a new month, so it's time to vote for us on Buzzcomix, if you'd do us the grand honor. We're only a few votes from the top 100, so every little bit helps. You'll be assuring a sweet spot in the afterlife by securing these karmic spoils.