News: This Shit <i>is</i> Bananas

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This Shit is Bananas

Wow...lots to cover today. Okay, first, there's a comic today! Second, I'll have you know that BuzzComix is back up. So if y'all would be so kind as to make with the daily voting with the button located just above this post, we would greatly appreciate it.

We've made some big steps towards phping the site. I don't really have any timetable for when this should all be finished, but hopefully it will happen before I start school again at the end of August. The big problem is that at the same time we're trying to make these changes, there are also some new things on the horizon.

I'm redoing the Story page to make it more extensive and user-friendly. It's going to branch off to pages for each individual character now to more accurately explain aspects of the stories we've told so far so it'll be easier for people to just jump into our comic. We'll also have all the extras like wallpapers and such on those pages for the appropriate characters. It's going to be nice. Trust me. Also we're going to streamline our collection of wallpapers on the Hot Stuff page so we can easily add more in the future.

So that's a number of pages we're going to be adding at the same time we're trying to switch over to php. But yeah. We're working on it.

As a result, we've sorta been unintentionally gravitating towards updating on Tuesdays and Thursdays the last few weeks. Right now we're just happy to get up two comics a week. I apologize personally for not being able to be more punctual or definitive about our posting of comics during this time, but I'm sure you understand. Still it would be realistic for you guys to expect the next comic on Thursday.


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