News: December 2004

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


This is one of those comics that we struggled with all week, smashing up free-floating concepts we'd had on our list of ideas like, "Space Monkeys at the barbershop" and "New Year's resolutions." I won't say it's our finest hour exactly, but that barber guy is pretty fly, says I.

We are hurtling, rocket-like, toward our 50th comic. I remember when it took several weeks to do a single strip. Now, it just involves me type-doodling some notes over Instant Messenger and PJ ruining his sleep cycle twice a week.

I'll be out of town (out of two towns, in fact, Austin and New Braunfels) the rest of the week, so I'll say it now — have a great New Year's Eve. Easy on the hooch and come back for more comics in the '05.

Problem Resolved

So very tired. Here's the comic.

I've gotten into this crazy cycle for the past couple weeks of staying up all night to do the comics and not being able to bring myself to actually start the comics until the morning of the update. That equals a very tired P.J.

Monday, December 27, 2004


What can I say? Moon likes Asian chicks.

You never know what you're going to get with Moon, do ya? We've got obscure references to porn stars, anime and online degree programs in today's comic. I love Moon, and he loves me. It's a fact.

I hope everyone had a good holiday.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Movin' on up and downsizin'

Don't worry. Nobody's getting fired. I finally feel comfortable with reducing the actual size of the comics a bit more. Hopefully, the comics don't lose any detail as a result.

The change came about because I was tinkering with the site design, and there was no way I could realistically do what I wanted with the comic being as big as it was. I'm sure eventually the comic will shrink some more.

Shrinking of the comics is a big deal for me, if you haven't noticed. I think we've only done it twice. Looking back on the first comic we did, you can see how frickin' huge that thing is. I believe the first major step down took place here. You can usually tell when we do it because the font is almost agonizingly tiny. That could easily be remedied, but as I'm sure you've found out if you're a loyal reader, I'm pretty lazy.

So, the site change was all about making provisions for renting out advertising space. For now I'm content with just that one space for a tower ad. I might make some more changes down the line to accomodate some banner adds. That shouldn't be as difficult to do. I think for now we're going to discriminate and officially only offer our space to webcomics who would like to advertise. However, there's always exceptions to stuff like that. We're probably looking at $15/week. E-mail us with any questions.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Crustacean

It would seem that Santa, Santos and Kwanzaa Claus have a new Claus to reckon with. Probably some claws to reckon with as well. Ah

Once again, there's lateness in regards to the update, and for that I am deeply sorry yet again.

I honestly can't tell you how Omar and I came up with Lobster Claus, but the idea left us both giddy for hours following the red-shelled epiphany. Maybe next year we'll expand on the mythology of the character, but for now I hope his mere existence entertains you. Man...I wish I had Lobster Claus when I was growing up.

I'd like to wish all our readers a safe and merry Christmas. I hope one of the Clauses brings you everything you want.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Hot live gobblin'

Yes, it's still Monday.

The Space Monkeys! return triumphant this holiday season with a turkey-cooking themed strip that should warm the cockles of... your liver? Spleen? A malignant polyp within you?

We have one more strip to go before Xbox-Mas and it should arrive handily on Wednesday with much fanfare, people lining the streets in anticipation, rockets flying out of asses, etc. We'll see you then.

Comic a-comin'!

The Monday comic is en route, delayed, it seems, by these long holiday postal lines. You see, when we send off for each Space Monkeys! comic, passing the savings on to you, we have to submit an order, then mail it off with green stamps that you get at the Piggly Wiggly and then wait for weeks and weeks for that comic to come back, fully colored by low-wage employees in Taiwan and injected with Funny from our new supplier in Sasketchewan (Home of the Funny).

Why go through all the trouble? Because you, dear reader, are worth it. Stay tuned. I think I see a package arriving at the front door.

Friday, December 17, 2004

The Joke Killer

I promised there'd be a comic today, and, lo and behold, there is! Just like there were a lot of commas in that last sentence. Once again, sorry about the delay. But hey...I got two of my grades back for this semester (an A and a B) so your patience is already paying dividends. Your humble arteest will not end up living in a cardboard box behind IHOP dreaming of days when he once used to draw monkeys to make people laugh. Man....that would be more depressing than I realized when I thought to write that.

Anyways, I'm finished with school for now so there should be no more dumb things like getting an education getting in my way with the updates. See ya Monday.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Well, of course, something would happen to my computer that would make my tablet stop functioning properly. I have an exam in the morning. I'll get this comic to you guys by Friday. I promise.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

You know what....?

I'm going to make today's comic a Thursday update. It turns out I want to spend a little more time on it than I originally planned, and I'm not about to short-change you guys on the artwork. I've already missed the update today and I don't want to rush things. Plus this gives you something to look forward to tomorrow other than rushing out to the stores to beat up a lady who grabbed the last ninja turtles action figure. You guys understand with finals this week and all, right? RIGHT?!

Originally, we toyed with the idea of going on hiatus this week, but I wasn't having that shit as you saw by our update on Monday.

Sorry, again.

Comic's a comin'

Dont't you worry. Your installment of Space Monkeys! is on the way. Damn them finals for messin' up my sleep patterns. Sorry for the inconvenience.

While you're waiting, why not take some time to vote or try some of our gourmet chocolates in the shape of various past presidents.....okay I lied about the chocolates.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Poor, Poor Bunny

I think it's a well-known fact that all great webcomics must do a dead bunny strip at some point. Here's ours.

Bunny death is one of the most insidious issues in this country which nobody ever talks about. Oh wait...I just talked about it. Nevermind.

Keep up the voting, and see you back here Wednesday.

Friday, December 10, 2004


Friday's bonus is up for you voters, and I think we're going to be leaving these bonuses up for the duration of the weekend from now on just in case people miss it on Fridays.

I've also decided to give y'all an extra bonus regardless of whether you vote or not just because that's the kind of guy I am. Actually, I just thought a higher res version of Cold Slaaaa Part IV should be made available and it ended up taking the form of another wallpaper. Here at Space Monkeys! we run a well-oiled doohickey with smooth things that happen.

Have a safe weekend and see you back here Monday.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Cold Slaaaa Part V

Thus, concludes our little adventure in continuity. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If not, I'll personally come to your house and make you enjoy it. That'll learn ya.

So, this whole journey of theirs was for nothing. Ah, but you forget one thing. You got to see plenty of naked sloth. And in the end, isn't that all that really matters?

The answer is no, but spelled y-e-s. Speaking of yes, yes, you need to be voting, man! We dropped out of ze top 100. Aww....I can't stay mad at you. Go put on that little blue dress I like. That's a good girl. Now vote!

Friday's bonus is already ready already...ready for you guys.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Origins of the Penguano

Man, I feel like such an asshole. I meant to mention on here that the idea of the penguano was the brainchild of both myself and a friend by the name of Tippi. We were chatting one day and a convo about penguins and bird poop naturally culminated in the coinage of the word "penguano." It's ours! Don't try to steal it, or I'll cut ya meself.

She actually made the original sketch and design for the creature which I used as the basis of my intepretation of it....seen hya:

So much as Omar and I would love to claim the brilliance that is the penguano all for ourselves, we had some much appreciated help from the lovely and talented Tippi.

See, we give credit where credit is due...unlike some people.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Cold Slaaaa Part IV

Let this be a lesson to you all. Never frustrate lazy people/sloths. That's when we spring into action and stab you with the pointy end of a rocket. On that note, I'm going to sleep.

Keep up the voting.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Cold Slaaaa Part III

To atone for the missed update yesterday, I thought I'd fill the comic with what everyone comes here to see: naked sloth.

But yeah....finally a comic, right?

Hey, we're in the top 100 at Buzz! Even if it is just the beginning of the month, you guys rock. Keep us there the rest of the week and I'll see about maybe coming through with a little something extra this weekend.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

About that Monday-Wednesday updating thing...

We're working on it! Really! Wait, don't go! don't.... go....

We were feeling pretty high on ourselves with this ingenious (INGENIOUS!) plan to update the comic on Monday and Wednesday, thereby avoiding the Friday Nobody's On the Fucking Internet curse that has beplagued us since we started. We do a comic on Friday, releasing it like the end of a sexual cycle, and nobody is there to receive. Much, again, like our sexual cycles.

The trick, and it is a trick, is to pretend that we're posting our Wednesday comic on Monday, thereby creating the adrenaline rush needed to push the late hours to finish, but then at 7 a.m. going, "Oh, shit, this comic is actually going to be posted on Wednesday! And it's done already! Silly me!"

The problem is these damnedable brains of ours, poking stories in our own self-scamming, asking intrusive questions like, "Well, if this comic is for Wednesday, then why is it 7 a.m. Monday? Well!?!" And we're like, "Oh no! We forgot to hide all the clocks!"

My solution: Comic lobotomies. It'll only hurt for a bit, but I think we'll get a lot more done.