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Friday, October 01, 2004

Lean Mean Ball-Cookin' Machine

It's one thing to be a general bastard named General Bastid. You're not bound to make many friends. But it's another thing to also be ball-less. That's just sad.

I think we don't have to worry about Bobbo being persecuted for his sloth heritage. It would seem the proper authorities have no authority at all. And losing your boys to a grill....that's just not proper.

So, yes. For the slight tardiness of the strip, there should be a new wallpaper up some time next week. Maybe even two. How do Slothface and Ché Slothvara sound?

In any case, come back Monday for the wonder that is Space Monkeys!


Anonymous said...

Hee! "I lost more than my balls to the George Foreman Grill." God I totally needed that laugh. Thank You.

Who knew that those grills were deadly weapons, or not really deadly per se, but capable of preventing reproduction. Thank you for that education oh wise Gallaga Brothers. I tremble before your wisdom and intellect.

Bis Nation

5:18 PM  

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