News: When your species is one of the seven deadily sins

Monday, September 27, 2004

When your species is one of the seven deadily sins

We've been wanting to explain for some time that Bobbo is not, technically speaking, a monkey even thought that sort of wrecks our underlying premise and structure and could cause the entire comic universe we're creating to spontaneously implode. Nevertheless, we felt the truth had to come out sometime, just like it did with Meany's name or the Moon Weasel's diabolical love of Earth hot dogs. Some things are what they are and you can't hide them. But we think sloths and monkeys, to our mind at least, should share a common hatred for man, what with humans' universal distaste for extreme cases of slovenly behavior. The sloth doesn't fall far from the monkey tree, as they say.

Sometimes I feel like ripping PJ's head off for promising that we'll do three comics in a single week. I remember when it used to take us two months to do one comic. But I gotta hand it to him. Four comics in the span of one week is quite the achievement. And this is in between school, work, more work, writing recaps, buying houses, learning advanced Spanish and playing myriad video games. i think we're finally at the point in our lives when, at least as "Space Monkeys!" is concerned, we're finally getting our shit together.


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