News: Bobbo boobs are something else, though

Friday, September 17, 2004

Bobbo boobs are something else, though

PJ had to post this and rush out because he's on his way to Austin to attend the ball-glorious Austin City Limits Festival with me today and tomorrow. He's bringing a sketch pad so in between hearing music, we'll be tossing around ideas for yonder monkeys from space. I think he drew today's comic in record time (even if it was a few hours late getting posted).

That's it. Go outside. Enjoy the last of summer before the monkeys and their weather machines ruin it all for us forever.


Anonymous said...

More Boob Humor? I think I love you guys! Boobs are Boobs Bobo, Boobs are Boobs made me totally laugh out loud.

May you be kings among men for the boob humor. And please keep it coming. That was funny.

6:35 PM  

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